Satellite Clinic: Discount Code Optimal Selection

May 3 - June 5, 2021

Optimal Selection and OptiGen merged a few years ago. They are a member of Mars Petcare’s Wisdom Health business unit, they are committed to excellence, integrity and continued research to discover genetic markers for important inherited diseases in dogs. The test includes CMR, PRA and DM (plus others) all with the same quality and dedication to research that Optigen has provided in years past. As well as traits such as coat length. The Optimal Selection Canine Genetic Breeding Analysis:

The MCOA 15% discount May 3 through June 5th, using the code MCOA2021 Note: the normal price of testing is $129.99 which makes it $110.49.

Note: The results are not automatically reported to OFA. When the report is ready, you can elect to submit your Optimal Selection results to OFA. You will need to send payment directly to them along with the test results. Using the OFA DNA form (

To facilitate the submission of results to OFA, Mars Petcare's Wisdom Health put the Mastiff results on the first page of the results report. Once you select the results, you will print report (page 1 only). You can print a hard copy to mail or generate a .pdf file of the report (be sure to select page 1 only) that includes only the selected test result(s).

You can mail or email the OFA submission form, the results, and your payment for recording with the OFA. Be sure to list the names of the tests you want recorded at the top of the form. I suggest waiting to get your UPenn results back and submitting them all together to save $ on the recording fees.

For more information, please contact Mary DeLisa (

Satellite Clinic: Discount Code PennGen

May 17 - June 4, 2021

Note: You MUST print and attach your paper work with your samples (or bring your sample to the health clinic). It is also helpful to attach a pedigree.

DNA Testing is $50. In addition, UPenn is offering CMR and DM. If you order two tests, the cost is $90 per dog. If you order all three tests, the cost is $125 per dog. Valid for samples received starting now through June 4th. All samples must be received no later than Friday June 4th.

DNA samples can be sent by any carrier. Urine must be received chilled so can not be sent through US Postal System. If you are attending the National, you can bring urine from dogs at home. Please freeze it and keep it chilled. Urine tests are $40 and are recommended annually for all intact males unless they have had two negative tests starting at 2.5 years. Continue testing if there has been a positive test. For more information:

The discount code is "MCOA2021" and must be included in the comment field.

Swabs will be provided to all dogs at the National. You can order swabs from UPenn or if you want to get a group of dogs together, here is link to get a box of approved swabs.

For step-by-step instructions, click here.